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About the Project

I’ve been wanting to do a “food project” –  I considered trying a new food every week or making something you would normally buy pre-made (bread, yogurt, etc.).  But then I got inspired by things like Julie & Julia and Noah (the guy who has taken a picture of himself everyday since 2000) and figured why not do a year-long “food project”?

Every month is a designated food month (or two or three… or more?) and almost every day is dedicated to a food. My project will involve incorporating those national food months and days into my weekly menu and photographing my progress.  Sometimes I may not be able to get to all of the food months and/or holidays and I may revisit them after the project is complete.  But I’ll try my best to hit them all!

I’m sure I’ll encounter some foods that I’ve never heard of (what the heck is Welsh Rarebit?!), but that just makes it all the more exciting. The rules aren’t set in stone yet, because I’ve only skimmed the list of foods, but I may have to revise my plan as I go.  Refer to December 18 – National Roast Suckling Pig Day; I am 100% positive that I will not be able to make a Roast Suckling Pig.  Any ideas on what to do on these days – give a history or a collection of recipes?

Update – 1/3/10

I have decided that if there are more than 2 foods featured on a day, I will choose one to use or make.  Due to my budget (both monetary and time), I cannot make all of the foods on a given day.  I am sticking with the original list of foods; although I have found other lists that have additional food holidays, I will not incorporate those lists unless there is holiday that is on a date that already had a holiday on the original list.  That sounds a little confusing, let me give an example: January 6 on the original list was National Shortbread Day.  On another list I found, January 6 is also National Bean Day.  I now have two options for January 6.  However, there is nothing for January 11, but other lists I have found say that this is National Milk Day.  In this case, I will not make anything special unless it is very easily incorporated into my weekly menu.  The reason for this rule is also because of my budget constraints.




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  1. RumPirate / Apr 7 2010 11:54 am

    Found your blog while looking to see if there was a National Pork Month. I love pork almost as much as I love rum! Good idea and good luck, I will follow your recipes and will try them as well.


  2. Erika / Aug 30 2011 4:27 am

    Hi Sara,

    Your food looks delicious! And love your photography as well. I wanted to ask your permission to use a photo. Could you contact me?

    Thanks! Erika


  1. And so begins Food Project 2010 « 2010 Food Project

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