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April 24, 2010 / Sarah

National Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day

Pigs-in-a-blanket are so simple to make – they almost don’t require a recipe!  I made mine pretty basic, but they can always be modified by adding cheese or different kinds of sausages.  Here is the basic premise around pigs-in-a-blanket:

1 can refrigerated crescent rolls (I used low-fat)
1/2 package Lit’l Smokies Cocktail Links (or other small, fully cooked sausage)

  1. If you are using Lit’l Smokies or other small sausage, roll out the crescent roll dough and cut each triangle in half.  If you are using a sausage with a larger girth, do not cut the triangles in half.  Place 1 sausage at the widest end of the dough and roll up.
  2. Place the pigs-in-a-blanket on a greased baking sheet.  Cook in 375 degree oven for 11 minutes or until golden brown and sausages are heated through.
  3. Let cool slightly before serving.  Serve with ketchup or experiment with other sauces that compliment the sausage you used.


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  1. Steph / Apr 27 2010 6:01 pm

    I LOVE pigs in a blanket! I can’t believe I missed pig in a blanket day!

    • Sarah / Apr 27 2010 8:33 pm

      Me too! I hadn’t had them in ages until Saturday!


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